Sunday, July 2, 2006

The dangers of No Limit

I finished an ungodly session online a few hours ago where I drained nearly my whole online account in about 45 minutes. I bought into a $1-$2 NL game for $150 and got AJ in the BB for my very first hand. The flop came J 9 2 rainbow. I bet out and got a call. The turn came a Q. I bet out and got a reraise and I called again. The river was a rag and he bet half pot which I had to call. He had QJ. Ok, so I lost a whole bunch of money on my first hand. No problem. It happens. On my next hand, I get AQ in the small blind. I bet out and get another raiser! Someone calls him and I call. The flop comes A 9 6. I bet big, I get two all ins. I call to find AA (!) and KJ (?). Bam! My buy-in is gone in two hands.
Do I just log off and go about my day? Of course not. I'm a moron. I reload for another $200 and proceed to lose that. How did that happen? Well, I got AJ again. This hand isn't doing me any favors today. The usual occurs. I bet out and get one caller. Nothing unusual about that. The flop comes J65 with two diamonds. I bet out twice the pot, not wanting to get a flush draw. He comes WAY over the top with $65, which is about 3X what I had bet. I smell a flush draw. True, my instincts haven't been good lately about this but I smell the draw. It's a big bet for me to call and he's trying to advertise an overpair. But he didn't reraise me pre-flop. His pair would have to be QQ, KK or AA for him to be making this bet. If he had a made set right now, he wouldn't want to chase me away, unless he thought I was on the flush draw. But I'm not betting a flush draw, because I raised preflop which isn't usual in flush draw situations. True, I could have had AK or AQ of diamonds, but most people wouldn't risk this much money if they had the made hand and they thought I was drawing. So I'm still smelling his flush draw. I re-raise him all in for his entire stack of $132. He calls. He's got 6d7d. Wow! He's got a flush draw (not surprised), but it's only 7 high! This guy's got a lot of stones to be risking his stack on a 7 high flush draw. Meanwhile, the turn is a blank and the river is the inevitable diamond which doubles him up and crushes my spirit.
The rest of the session was marked by people making fun of me ("look at the donkey", "please reload donkinator", etc...) and me going a bit on tilt trying to win back some of this money.
So today's lesson is: set a limit for yourself and don't chase your losses. It seems so easy and I've done it a million times, but when your initial session lasts 2 friggin hands you want to get some value for your money! So I bought in and lost. Sigh....
Meanwhile, I've been doing my stats and I'm about even for all of my play since September of last year! More interesting is that the profit/loss is almost exactly split between live games and online games. For every dollar I make in a live game (the League games, AC, Vegas), I lost a dollar online. I don't think the online games are rigged, I just think I suck at them. Maybe it's time to just start making regular trips to AC and close down my online account. It's almost empty anyway. It was down to $25 this morning, although I doubled it to $53 an hour ago. Woohoo! :-)

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