Monday, March 12, 2007

Can you really lose if you haven't even been dealt a hand?

I got back from Florida last week and I was excited. Why? Because Karol, from the Crackhouse game in Brooklyn, had told me there was going to be a big happening in Atlantic City that she was going to along with some other poker bloggers from the East Coast. In addition, she turned me on to a great way to get a cheap room on a tough weekend….EBAY! The Fairfield Resorts is a timeshare hotel next to the Taj and owners often sell their weekends on Ebay. With Karol’s help, I was able to land a full weekend for only $301. That’s an excellent price for a suite with a balcony.

I was all excited to go when tragedy struck me. Even though I had been sick all President’s day weekend 2 weeks before, I woke up Friday with a sore throat and by 1:30 PM I was too sick to even stay at work. I went home and got under the covers hoping I’d be good enough to at least take a bus later on. No such luck. I woke up at 7:30AM the next morning thinking I might still make a weekend out of it. But when I stood up, the familiar weakness hit my legs and I was dizzy. Back into bed I go. I juiced up with O.J. and popped Vitamin C but to no avail. Saturday Night came and went and I had to pass on multiple poker opportunties. Meanwhile, my non-refundable hotel room languished and my $301 was a complete loss. I didn't make it down on Sunday either, figuring that I shouldn't take the chance with my Vegas trip just around the corner this week.

And that’s how you lose $301 at poker without being dealt a hand.

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