Friday, April 13, 2007

Seen at Good Look last night…

After band practice last night, which was at Smash Studios at 36th street and 8th Avenue, I figured I’d go to the Good Look club to spend a few hours since I was close by anyway. I walked in, got acclimated and notice Darko and Vivian at the tables! We all joined up together at a ridiculously tight table and grinded it out for about 90 minutes. I lost about $100 chasing an open ender and a nut flush draw with proper pot odds when I got 25o in middle position. Ah! Just the hand I had been waiting for! The Darko!!! It limped one caller to me and I made it $25 to go, leaving me with $36 in my stack. Instead of taking down the pot on a tight table, to my horror I got 3 callers! A new guy, who was bragging how he made $25,000 the night before at a 10/20NL home game, said, “I know what *you* have”. Oh really? The flop was a dream for the Darko hand. 345 rainbow!!! I had flopped top pair with an open ended straight draw. I was going all in obviously and I got my short stack ready, visibly. The guy to my right checked out of turn and I put in my money but Mr. 25,000 reminded me that it was his turn to act. I apologized and took back my bet. He checked, the guy to my right checked and I pushed all in for $36 more. The button folded, Mr. 25,000 folded and the guy to my right was about to fold but calmly said, “I call”. No one turned anything over until the turn and river both came. They were blanks, but overcards. I sheepishly said, “I have a pair of 5’s”. The other guy turned over A6, for Ace high and I flipped over my 25o for the winner! SHIP IT!!!

The best part about this hand was I had killed all of this guys outs, pretty much. His Ace was dead because it made me the straight. His 6 was dead because it made me the straight. His 2 (for his own wheel) was crippled since I had one. His only good outs were 7’s. That’s a shame….Really….

John just shook his head and said, “You’re a sick man”.

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