Saturday, June 24, 2006

Busted out early of the big $200+15 tourney

Well, that was quick. I didn't make it past the 45th minute of the tourney. It started out innocently enough. Antonio Esfandiari was sitting at my table(! See screenshot below !), which made for a lot of chatter in the chat box.
I folded mosly everything for the first 30 minutes. DaveHellmuth got lucky when I had KK and I almost got 800 chips out of him except the board made a low straight and we split! Then, later on I got AA (curses!) and made a fatal mistake. The button was on DaveHellmuth and everyone folded to me. With blinds at 20/40, I raised minimum to 80 hoping to draw in some people. DaveHellmuth and the BB took the bait. Here's how the action proceeded:
Hand #32908891-59 at Sun5pm200-038 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 25/Jun/06 17:47:06 davehellmuth is at seat 0 with 3520. FloataCheck is at seat 1 with 460. madcityfats is at seat 2 with 4035. RiverStallion is at seat 3 with 2170. RBDB44 is at seat 4 with 4275. Carnegie19th is at seat 5 with 4995. sniper88 is at seat 6 with 1785. Fritzle is at seat 7 with 2630. killerapp is at seat 8 with 3245. HoosierCat is at seat 9 with 4935. The button is at seat 0. FloataCheck posts the small blind of 20. madcityfats posts the big blind of 40.
davehellmuth: -- -- FloataCheck: -- -- madcityfats: -- -- RiverStallion: -- -- RBDB44: -- -- Carnegie19th: -- -- sniper88: -- -- Fritzle: As Ad killerapp: -- -- HoosierCat: -- --
Pre-flop: RiverStallion folds. RBDB44 folds. Carnegie19th folds. sniper88 folds. Fritzle raises to 80. killerapp folds. HoosierCat folds. davehellmuth calls. FloataCheck folds. madcityfats calls.
Flop (board: 3s 5s 3c): madcityfats checks. Fritzle bets 80. davehellmuth calls. madcityfats folds.
Turn (board: 3s 5s 3c Td): Fritzle bets 200. davehellmuth raises to 500. Fritzle calls.
River (board: 3s 5s 3c Td Jc): Fritzle checks. davehellmuth bets 1000. Fritzle goes all-in for 1970. davehellmuth calls.
Tournament all-in showdown -- players show: davehellmuth shows 3d Kd. Fritzle shows As Ad.
Showdown: davehellmuth has 3d Kd 3s 3c Jc: three threes. Fritzle has As Ad 3s 3c Jc: two pair, aces and threes.
Hand #32908891-59 Summary: No rake is taken for this hand. davehellmuth wins 5360 with three threes.
So what was my fatal mistake? Making such a small raise and then not having the discipline to lay down my hand on the turn re-raise. My thought process was this: He called the 80 bet on the flop when the 3's came down. Then when the 10 came, I though He might have had A10, Q10 with the flush draw, or J10 with a flush draw. That would account for the reraise on the turn. Then when the J came on the river, I assumed he had made his two pair. I also could have just called the 1000 bet and had some chips left to play with. Once again, the wisdom of the old adage "dragging a small pot is better than losing a big pot" is made clear. One of the biggest weaknesses in my game remains my inability to fold overpairs when the board has undercards and my opponent is betting huge.
As an aside, I outlasted Antonio who went down in the first twenty minutes. He had moved all in on an Ace high flush draw against DaveHellmuth's AA with an A on board. Antonio made his flush on the turn, but the river paired the turn card, giving Dave the improbable full house. Antonio was down to less than 200 chips but miraculously quadrupled up the next hand on a miracle straight. But he was taken out three hands later when his K9 ran into A4 and the magic ran out. Incidentally, he was obviously not caring about placing in the tournament and was clearly there to fulfill contractual obligations, which was a little annoying. He was gracious in the chat box, answering questions, but his poker play left a lot to be desired.

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