Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PLOhmigod how did you call that?

A347 double suited in your hand. Short stack to your left. Paulie "4 outs is the nuts" on your right with a big stack. 5 handed action. You're on the button and limp along with the shortie and Paulie. (Big Paulie and Little Paulie). Flop is A36 rainbow. You have two pair and a gutshot straight and a small backdoor flush. Short stack bets pot. Paulie calls. You re-pot. Short stack calls all in for slightly less. Paulie calls!

At this point, you'd assume Paulie has a monster of some sort, or at least a monster draw. But he actually has 5789 with three hearts. When the miracle 4 comes on the turn to give me three pair and Paulie the nut straight, Paulie moves all in and I fold. He scoops the pot, defending his "double gutshot" draw and can't hear you (presumably over the sound of your chips being added to his stack) when you try to tell him he only had a gutshot, not a double gutshot. And he was cold calling two pot bets behind him!

Somewhere in the distance, Paulie walks away with your money, as you tear the hair out of your head in frustration.

For the record, Paulie made just about every 4 outer draw, after cold calling HUGE pot bets for half his stack or more.

Somebody please remind me to make the PLO game cash next time.


Alceste said...

Did Paulie end up winning?

Jamie said...

Yes, he did. He chopped the second tourney with Darko and KJ.