Monday, December 15, 2008

Major Douche Alert

I wrote a post a little while back about my old camp friend, Roger Madoff, who died a few years ago.

Turns out, his father uncle might be the biggest douchebag in the world right now.

What a sad legacy to leave for your children family.


Anonymous said...

its his uncle you moron

Jamie said...

Yeah, I'm a moron because I screwed up on the family tree. Here's the family tree in a picture:

So I meant the uncle, not the father, but the father, as chief compliance officer, is *probably* as douchey as the uncle. Either that or incompetent. I withhold full judgment until all the facts are in.

Eric said...

nice update.
i knew roger too. he was a good guy.
probably better that her is not around to see this mess unfolding. i wonder if his wife that you mention in an earlier post will keep his name now.