Friday, September 11, 2009


It's been a busy week for me poker wise. Not so much playing, though I did get a live session in last night, but in planning.

My Arizona trip for Dec. 4th - Dec. 13th is a go. And there's going to be a lot on my plate. I still can't post the full itinerary yet, because I'm not sure where I'll be staying in Phoenix, mostly because Christine hit me up with the great news that she might be joining me for the tail end of my trip! Evidently, she has a friend in Tucson and can mix the two things together. I've never had anyone join me for these poker sojourns, so the company would be most welcome. But if we're going to split a hotel room for a few days, it'd be good to have her schedule locked down before I can book it. Hence the pause in posting my full schedule.

But here's a small preview of what's in store:
Dec. 4th - Fly into Phoenix and drive halfway to Tucson before spending the night

Dec. 5th - Drive to Tucson and hit up two poker rooms. Drive northeast about 80 miles to another poker room and spend the night in Globe, AZ

Dec. 6th. - Drive Northeast another 80 miles to hit up a room. Drive 65 miles west to hit up a room in Payson. Drive 60 miles Northwest to play in a room in Camp Verde, AZ and spend the night.

Dec 7th. - Crazy time. Drive to Prescott airport, about 90 minutes away and take a plane to Farmington, New Mexico. Rent a car and drive 90 minutes to a casino in Towaoc, Colorado, in the Southwest portion of the state. Spend the night.

Dec. 8th. - Drive back to Framington, New Mexico, drop off my car and fly back to Prescott, Arizona. Play in a poker room in Prescott. Possibly do some photography near Sedona. Drive to Parker, Arizona at the western border of the state and play in a room there. Drive down to Blythe, California to play in a bar there and spend the night. Lots of traveling on this day!

Dec. 9th - Drive down to El Centro, California, near the Mexican border. This is prime Photography day because I can't play in the room in El Centro, CA until 5:30p, because that's when the games get started (it's a bar). I might head up to Salton Sea and take some photos there. Or maybe just wander in the desert and see what I find. After I play in El Centro, I hit the road and go east to Yuma and spend the night in a casino resort there (yes, there's a poker room as well).

Dec. 10th - I get up early and drive into Phoenix, where I will spend the rest of my trip. There are 6 casinos in the Phoenix area, so I will use the 10th, 11th and 12th to hit them all before I fly home on the 13th.

All in all, there will be 18 poker rooms on this trip, four plane rides and two different rental cars. Certainly my most ambitious trip to date. I can't even begin to say how excited I'm getting for it. My trip through the midwest was awesome for me, but there wasn't as much to see in terms of natural beauty. I expect, traveling across the mountains and valleys and deserts of Arizona, that I will get to see a lot more. Cacti, anyone?

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Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like a good movie: Planes, trains and poker rooms.