Monday, November 2, 2009

Shockingly Obvious

Two posts ago, I posted an innocuous hand where I was playing in a $1.20 PL Omaha/8 tourney and got busted on a ridiculous two-outer. Nothing to write home about, normally, but I got two Anonymous comments that were troubling. At 3:24am, some tool decides to write:

"lol. you are a fucking fish"


"you are -ev in any game you play--ring or tournament"

The identity of this waste of human life is irrelevant, and normally I don't respond to such inanity. But in this instance, I felt the need to retort so here goes:

1. I am not a poker pro. I do not make my living from poker. I do not choose to make my living from poker. This is why I am playing in a $1.20 buy-in tournament. I make an excellent living from my primary profession, thank you very much, and I have no desire to give that up so I can play all night, sleep all day and pretend that I'm 22 again.

2. I am an online fish. This is something I've posted about many times before. I have an online leak of massive proportions, yet another reason I don't play for higher stakes online. For this reason, I keep my online play to small stakes so I can kill time, enjoy myself, and maybe try out new strategies. I could care less what my EV is online. More importantly, I could care less what *YOU* think of my EV online, or live for that matter. I don't play to impress you.

3. Poker is a *hobby*, not my life. I do not derive my self-esteem from my poker skills. This is why you won't find me skulking around other people's poker blogs anonymously, dropping insults with no constructive feedback. People who do that are douchebags, yourself included. There are a ton of great poker bloggers I know who form a meaningful community of players and helpfully criticize each other's play in an effort to improve themselves and others. You are not one of these fine specimens. You are a dick.

I've now disallowed Anonymous commenting for this blog. I may still receive screeds from Heywood Jablome and Hugh Jazz, but that should cut down on the stupidity factor a bit.


Memphis MOJO said...

When people can hide behind anonymity, their worst comes out.

HighOnPoker said...

You haven't really "made it" until you have some Anonymous hater comments. I remember my old pal Anonymous King (as he named himself). He would tear into me on anything, and even insulted my wife's looks (without seeing a picture) on numerous ocassions. It used to really piss me off, but eventually, you realize that its just some sad douschebag with nothing better to do with their time.

Welcome to the club!

Mike G said...

Why would you play any game for money that you are minus ev in? Honest question. Why not switch to bridge or Uno - what is the purpose of pursuing a losing game ad infinitum

Jamie said...

Why would you play any game for money that you are minus ev in?

For the same reason people play craps or blackjack, pure fun. I'm obviously not trying to make real money playing $1.00 sit'n'gos. There's more to poker than the money aspect. I limit myself to micro stakes online precisely *because* I know I suck at it.

Live poker is a completely different story. I've had a great run this year and I'm very focused when I play in a casino. Online, not so much.

Memphis MOJO said...

"For the same reason people play craps or blackjack, pure fun. I'm obviously not trying to make real money playing $1.00 sit'n'gos."

I do the same thing -- it's cheap entertainment while I'm watching something boring on TV or surfing.

I also use them to try different strategies. I've tried making min-raises (instead of 3X the BB), and I've tried never limping into a pot (bet 3X the BB or fold). I've seen agro-donkies amass big stacks, so I've tried that style, too. Cheap way to try and improve ones game.