Monday, January 18, 2010

Dead Pool - Dead in the water

After an initial flurry of interest in the 2010 dead pool, no one stepped up to the plate to actually sign up (except Jordan, god bless him). It's too bad, because I thought it would have been a fun thing to do.

I did get a few people who seemed pretty peeved at me for even advancing the concept, too. To those people I say this; Lighten Up. Participating in a dead pool is a morbid activity, for sure, but it's hardly evil. Yes, there is something unsavory about wagering on people to die, but it's going to happen to them whether you do it or not. Why not make a market out of it and maybe have some fun? Unless you're one of those people who feel that having people think about something can actually cause that thing to happen. You know the type. They sit at the edge of their seats during football games and get mad at you if you "jinx" it with something you've said. There's a word for people who think that their words and thoughts can change reality; insane.

Also, there are tons of celebrity websites that make their living reporting on every detail of celebrity deaths, far more intrusively to the families than a dead pool ever would. How is that any better?

As I said to Christine in Arizona, "It's not like I'm praying for anyone to die, just betting on it."

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