Friday, February 5, 2010

Responsibility kicks in

So, due to the enormous amount of money that I'm going to need in the near future, I have decided to do the right thing and cancel my March poker trip to California. Prompting this decision was the $1200 scouting trip to Aruba that Ali and I are taking in April, the weekend Bed and Breakfast and skiing trip in Vermont for Valentine's weekend, the Jury Summons I received today that might result in lost days of work, and the actual 7 days of work I'll be missing in March to go on this trip which will end up costing me a week's worth of wages. Consulting, it seems, has a down side.

On the plus side of things, I feel ever more adult. And I will be taking a weekend in Atlantic City in 2 weeks, plus possibly another weekend in March when I would have been gone.

Anyone else going to be in Atlantic City Feb 19-21 or Mar 19-21?