Thursday, May 27, 2010

Justice is (slowly) served

Remember that poker room shooting 2.5 years ago (what? 2.5 years?!?!) that basically put the nail in the underground poker scene? Well, right under our noses there was a trial and two men were convicted of murder. Two more men have already pleaded guilty and are serving time.

I haven't been following the details of the case, so the big surprise to me was that there was an inside man on the job. One of the bouncers/security guys was in on the robbery.

It's a dangerous business being underground. It would be nice if New York got their heads out of their asses and legalized poker, wouldn't it? I have a great place to put the new poker tables too. OTB parlors. OTB is losing money and they could use a new revenue stream. Make OTB the legal poker operators in the state and you've got a built in location that's already known for gambling. This would quiet the argument that new poker parlors would 'ruin the neighborhood' with unsavory types. Have you seen OTB parlors? Unsavory types already live there!


HighOnPoker said...

Poker at the OTB would VASTLY improve the quality of patrons at the OTB. VASTLY.

Anonymous said...

All roads lead to Rome. 堅持自己所選!.............................................