Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Former colleague kicking ass!

So one of the guys I used to work with at JPMorgan, Andrew Frankenberger, recently won the WPT 2010 Legends of Poker tournament to the tune of $750,000! Wow.

When I knew him, he was not a particularly great player, though he wasn't terrible. He's also played a few times in my home game, way back when. Now he's taking down major tournaments!

Coincidence? I think not!


Memphis MOJO said...

He's a well-spoken guy. Also, sounds like he played smart -- patience is under-rated.

bluejay said...

Jamie, I remember playing backgammon with Andy - we played several games. At the time, I was used to playing super cautious players - Andy was super aggressive, slotting points in his home board (he taught me that 2-1 move) and going for the gammon. I learned so much from that session. He also counted pips all the time. This guy knows how to take a game seriously. Inspiring for the rest of us.

Memphis MOJO said...

From reading High On Poker, I understand that mozel tov is in order. Did you get married?

Learn Poker said...
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Learn Poker said...

Great job by this Frankenberger winning the no-limit holdem last January. I watched a video of him in video, and I have to say, he has "swag."

There are tons out there who want to learn poker the way he does, which, if taken as a career, may (possibly) earn one big pays.

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