Thursday, October 12, 2006

I am soooo lazy

It's 1:10 AM and I'm going on the cruise tomorrow. I'm very excited and also very lazy because I am procrastinating packing. I am almost totally packed with my clothes but it's going to take me another 30 minutes or so to get together my toiletries, laptop, Ipod, etc.... I could have been in bed 2 hours ago if I had done all this when I got home from work but Noooooooo! That would have been responsible of me.

I admit that I'm feeling nervous about this trip. Not because of the poker but mostly because I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I've never been on a cruise before and I've been avoiding them mostly because I don't like the idea of being shuttled from port to port like a {shudder} tourist. Normally when I travel I like to go wherever I feel like at my own pace. That's a big part of why I'm doing a poker cruise rather than a normal cruise. This way, if I'm bored by the touristy crap, I can enjoy myself in the cardroom.

The other trepidation I'm having is the uncertainty of the other people going on the cruise. I'm really hoping there will be a contingent of young folk on board (not Mark Foley young, you sick and twisted pups). I really don't want to be the youngest guy on this cruise being eyed lascviciously by the mid-40's divorcees with 3 kids and alimony payments as her only income. I'm also hoping it's not all old married couples either. Then again, I don't want Spring Break in Cancun. I was hoping for something in the middle. Maybe, if I like this I'll do a Jewish singles cruise. Couldn't hurt, right? Besides, my mother would be thrilled. ;-)

On another note, I'm hearing lots of conflicting reports on the effect of this new poker legislation on online poker. Some pundits are saying it's death to online poker while others are saying that the law doesn't actually stop anything. In the meantime, Firepay, which is a main competitor to NetTeller, has announced that they will not be forwarding deposits from U.S. customers to poker sites even though they will accept payments from other sources. They must see something in the legislation that is harmful to them and if that's the case, perhaps NetTeller will too. It's a scary situation to be sure and I'm pretty upset about it. I'm betting it will be a big topic of conversation on the cruise. A note to all the conservative Republicans at our table: Why do you feel it necessary to legislate morality? 'nuff said.

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