Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Competition quality at the table - It's going up!

Well, it's been a few months now since we started this league and it's been just about everything I hoped for. The main point of starting a league was to give structure to the games and provide an incentive for people to keep returning to the tables. Through the introduction of the ranking system, we have been able to accomplish that goal. It is now common for our group's Evites to be completely full mere minutes after I send them out whereas in the past I had great difficulty filling a table. In turn, the large number of participants has enabled us to offer more cash games which in turn creates yet another incentive for people to play. So, I am very happy with how this whole experiment has turned out so far.

The side benefit of continued league participation is that the quality of the players has improved demonstrably in the 5 months we've been playing as a league. It is normal for us to discuss the merits of certain plays and strategies after they occur and our members are listening! Semi-bluffs, naked aggression, excellent player reads and shifting betting patterns are now normal to see. Players are adapting new strategies, experimenting with changing gears and making fantastic plays.

As a result, not only have our players gotten better, but they've been better prepared when they venture out into casinos. Wendy and Paul have had some success at the Salami Club and Abbie reported recently that her experience at our table gave her the confidence and skill to win EVERY sit 'n' go tourney she entered in her recent Vegas trip.

I know some of you may be thinking that this is a bad turn of events. You want to play with fish. I understand, really, but try to remember that we're playing for virtually pennies at our table. The skills we gain, however, can reap huge rewards in casinos where the REAL fish are.

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