Thursday, November 23, 2006

Strange Coincidence

This was weird...

I posted a link on this site a few days ago to our news clip on the CBS website. In response, Tae replied that a poker blog had linked to it. The blog in question, I Had Outs, is run by a Karol Sheinin and a Dawn Summers, neither of whom I had ever met or heard of. Lo and behold, the very next morning I get an email in my inbox from Karol S. She had registered at the Wall Street Poker League website for access. I assumed that Tae had contacted her and recommended us, so I wrote her back for verification.

"How did you find out about us?", I asked.

"Oh, we've been on your invite list for a while, but we haven't played there yet", she responded.

Now I got suspicious. How could she be on the invite list if I've never heard of her. Maybe she was just trying to protect Tae somehow? So I probed again and the strange truth was revealed.

It turns out that Wendy had played at the Salami club a few weeks ago with Dawn Summers and they had hit it off somehow. Wendy recommended our game and gave me Dawn's email address. What was strange to me is that we don't have a 'Dawn' on the invite list, but we do have a 'Stephanie' with the same email address as Karol and Dawn. My guess is that Dawn either gave a fake name to Wendy, for some reason, or Wendy got confused and gave me the wrong name. Regardless, Dawn and Karol HAVE been receiving our evites for quite some time and it just by pure happenstance that Karol decided to register for the site the very day after Tae posted the link to the news clip on THEIR website.

Whew! That was a lot to even think about.... ;-) It's a tiny little beautiful world, good people.

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