Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend recap #1

There is waaay too much to put in one post, so I'll be posting little vignettes all day as I remember them. You can sew them together and consider them one long post as you'd like.

So, the binding thread of this group of posts is that the Wall Street crew (plus LJ), went down to Atlantic City for the entire weekend. The trips with the crew are always fun and drama-filled and this weekend was hardly an exception…

Everyone decided to take off on Friday and/or work a half day, except for myself. I had to work what ended up being a full day even though the markets closed around 2PM. There was so much work to be done this week that I didn't feel I could leave it half-finished, so I slogged it out until 5:30PM. The rest of the crew, Paulie, Darko, Wendy and LJ, made their way down at around 1:30, hitting only light traffic. I hopped a bus from the Port Authority at 6:30 and was also met with little to no traffic. Abbie decided to stay the night in Manhattan and met us down there Saturday morning.

The sleeping arrangments reflected the order in which we confirmed the trip. Wendy, Abbie, LJ and I all confirmed early, so we had one room. When Paulie and Darko came on later, they got a separate room. The logical choice would have been for me, the boy, to head over to the "boy's" room and separate us all out by gender. This didn't fit in with my plans to have each of the women cycle at least one night through my bed, but I wasn't about to quibble. ;-) But Darko and Paulie put the kibosh on my moving as they had paid extra for each of them to have their own bed and they were comfortable with the extra expense. So it was the three girls and I in the one room for the whole trip. Before you get an image of dunken late night orgies (yeah, I'm *that* badass), we BARELY saw each other for the entire trip. LJ was focused on her tournies, so she was up early and in early. Abbie normally keeps the same early-to-bed, early-to-rise schedule as well. Wendy is of the "Up at 2PM, Out until whenever" schedule. I'm pretty flexible on these trips but Darko usually convinces me to stay out late. So it was interesting every night, when I stumbled into my room in pitch blackness (because the shades were drawn and not necessarilly because the sun wasn't up) and not knowing who was in which bed! During these trips, Wendy and I usually share the bed because we're compatible sleep partners (cut it out you juvenile!). This means we are comfortable with each other's quirky sleep habits. I wear Breath-Rite strips, to keep from snoring, and she's cool and apreciative of that. And I'm totally OK with her changing positions every 20 minutes and sometimes getting up to change the CD that she listens to while she's sleeping (Don't ask for details, I don't know any). Having been married, I got used to having another person in my bed very quickly and this arrangment usually works out well. In addition, having been married, I also got used to being able to share a bed with a woman and not touch her in any way. :-) This also works out well for both of us and Wendy's boyfriend doesn't have to kick my ass. One faux-pas though on my part. Evidently, I need to bring Tshirts to sleep in, because going bare-backed is frowned upon as a breach of etiquettte. I'm still perplexed as to why that would be, from a purely scientific 'social studies' standpoint, but I'm cool with whatever Wendy wants. My bad. And please, no 'huggle' jokes.

There was not one, but two, pieces of high drama in regards to the room arrangements. One, Wendy wanted to invite a guy she had met in AC to stay in our room. Well, either our room or the boy's room. But no one was comfortable with having a strange guy the rest of us hadn't met stay with us. So that one was off the table. Ok, it wasn't high drama, but it felt that way at the time. The second bit of drama was in who would take the bed in our room. We stayed at the Fairfield suites, in which there is a Queen bed and a Queen sleeper sofa in the 1BR suite we were in. The bed, I assume, is more comfortable. The night we went down and LJ went to the room early, I asked Wendy where she and I would sleep. "The bed" was the answer I heard. But LJ had told me separately that *she* was sleeping in the bed. Rather than get in the middle of a potential cat fight, I decided to just let the matter play out. But Wendy had been so intensely sure that we would be in the bed, that when I stumbled in at 6AM, I immediately made my way to the bedroom on the right. Feeling along the wall (it was completely dark in the room), I found the doorknob and turned it ever so quietly. Now I was faced with a dilemma. I could barely make out the bed, but I didn't know what side Wendy would be on and I didn't want to wake her up feeling around for where her legs were. I mean, if sleeping bare-backed is rude, then feeling someone up while they're sleeping is damn close to rape! So I gently, and stealthily, made my way to the curtains to see if I could part them slightly and let in juuuust enough moonlight to see where she was. The moon's rays spilled out of the crack I had made and fell onto the foot of the bed. My eyes got adjusted and I saw….two lumps on either side of the bed! Uh, there were TWO women in the bed sleeping. Now normally, I would be very happy to see this but this was one of the few times in my life I was not happy to see two women in my bed (I CAN'T believe I just typed that). I put the pieces together and made an educated guess that Wendy had given up the bed to LJ and Abbie and I was right. When I crept back into the living room where the sofa was, Wendy was dead asleep, and there was a space for me on the right side of the bed. I undressed quietly and slipped under the covers, dead asleep in about 10 seconds. Problem solved and drama avoided.

Ok, this post was more about the hotel room arrangements than anything else. Not exciting, I know, but there's more to come. Stick around...

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