Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sick cash game - Walnuts is the monster

What a crazy sick cash game we had tonight. I'm too tired to go over all the details, but I'll give a few quick bullet points and then point you over to two blogs which have already posted about it.

Bullet point 1: Paulie is the new record holder for profit in a single night: $888. He couldn't lose tonight. He was already the big chip leader at the table, with about $475 in front of him, when he's sitting in the SB and *this* happens. It limps to him and he makes a yo-leven raise. Everybody calls (it was that kind of night). Flop comes A69 with two clubs. Paulie checks and it gets to Brian who makes a sizeable bet. Paulie reraises and Brian, who is the 2nd biggest stack at the table, moves all in for about $375 more! He bets about 3X the pot and Paulie INSTA-CALLS! Brian turns up 69 for bottom two pair and Walnuts has the top set of Aces. The turn and river are bricks and Paulie scoops what I believe is the single biggest pot we've ever seen around these parts. His run didn't end there either. He ended up holding onto all of that profit and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Bullet point 2: I didn't play Hold'em tonight. I didn't get a lot of sleep this weekend, or last night, so playing at a 1/2 NL table, with the action going on, wasn't what I had in mind. So I dealt instead. We did end up switching to 2/4 O/8 at 11PM and I sat in for $100. That was more my speed. I made donkey call after donkey call and managed to get down to about $35. On the LAST hand of the night, Carol goads me into straddling, which I do, and get some craptacular hand like 8642 rainbow! Ohmigod how awful. But when it gets capped all the way back to me I say "Fuck it, maybe I'll hit 35". So I call and the pot is built up nicely. The flop brings JdTd3c. Carol bets when it gets to her and it's only two bucks. I should be folding, of course, but I'm not folding because I'm an idiot and it's the last hand. So I make the idiot call, along with everyone else, and the turn brings the miracle 9h. Miracle for me, that is, because it gives me my only possible way of winning, but there are still two ways for me to lose this. but I figure, "what the hell, I'm either good here or I'm not". So I bet when it gets to me. I'm gratified that everyone calls and no one raises me. I pray on the river for a non-paired low diamond (I'm asking a lot I know) and someone rewards my donkalicious play but rivering a 2c. I now have the 3rd nut straight. So I bet, of course. :-) I get a few crying calls and I show down my awful ass-end straight. One by one, people strain to see if they have something better and they fold. I end up scooping a big pot and end up with all of my starting money, plus 2 dollars. W00t!

Bullet Point 3: Brian. Ouch.
Bullet Point 4: Jordan. Ouch.
Bullet Point 5: Darko, you missed some damn juicy action and a whole lot of fun.

Check out these posts from Dawn and LJ for more details on the night.

Also, Kearns thinks I remind him of Jamie Gold. Not sure if that's a compliment, but the guy *did* outplay the largest tournament field in the history of the world, so I have to be somewhat happy:
That night, I met other poker players from New York. Ari, Charles, the
comedian, his wife, Jamie, who somehow reminded me of Jamie Gold, Karol, who used to live in Haiti where I was raised, Karol's brother and some of his friends. Nice environment, very nice people. They even had a Birthday cake break for Jamie Gold.


lj said...

i am not understanding how you had a straight...maybe you had 8742 rainbow??

Jamie said...

That's because I'm an idiot who can't remember important details at 2:30 am. The flop was JT7. The 9 hit on the turn to fill by bottom ass-end inside str8.