Saturday, November 3, 2007

*Important* and horrifying news

It appears that the new club that opened up recently, in place of the Extra Big Blind club, has been the victim of a robbery. During the course of the robbery, and details are still sketchy, a player was reportedly shot. He did not survive. Here is the 2+2 link detailing what's rumored and/or known at this time.

I used to love going out to the clubs to play poker. The Good Look club, especially, was a favorite. With relatively decent security, I always felt very safe. The only thing I EVER worried about was a visit from the police, and the worst consequence to come from that would have been losing my money and a few hours of my time.

This is much worse, needless to say. When the Dragon Room was robbed at gunpoint a few months ago, it worried me but at least there weren't any injuries. This incident, if true, has totally shaken my faith in the underground scene.

Part of the reason I like going to the clubs is the sense of excitement and danger that lurks, but it's always in the background. In the same way that a roller coaster feels dangerous, but really isn't, this is how I thought about the clubs. A shooting death brings into sharp relief the real danger that we face as poker players. This danger isn't on a printed page or in some far away back alley game in another shady city. This is our hometown. This is the place we live in. These are the people and friends we know.

I mourn for the victim and I pray that the day will come when the politician's come to their senses and legalize poker in the city. I hope that the Poker Players Alliance will use this incident to rally the cause. In the same way that dangerous back alley surgery was a consequence of the criminalization of abortion, so too is needless violence a consequence of the demonization of our game. I urge my readers to join the Alliance. Fight on! Keep poker legal and safe!

In the meantime, pray for the victim and take care of yourselves out there.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the heads up. Scary world.

Andy S said...

Was there Wed and Thu night and was about to go tonight. Unreal.