Friday, November 9, 2007

It isn't all bad

Former Wall Street Poker champion, David R, successfully procreated yesterday. Spencer Isaac was born Nov. 8th, at 8:15 AM. If we ever get to see him again, now that he has two children, let's make sure we congratulate him.

I had a great night last night with E, going over to her place to chillax before her weekend flight to Chicago. On my way back home, I was going to stop by Gray's Papaya for a hot dog (since they are THE. BEST. EVER.). I was on the median at 72nd and Broadway waiting for the light and just hanging out in the cool night air. I got the walk signal and the cars slowed to a halt. As I stepped into the street, I instinctively looked left and right. On my left, I saw a Yellow cab driving into the intersection crossing over Broadway going East bound. As my head swivelled right, out of the corner of my eye I noticed more movement than normal. I was two steps into the street already and the rush of movement made me stop, so I could identify it first. Good Instinct! The swirl of motion came from a small black BMW that was racing through the light, a good 2-3 seconds after it had turned red. It was going full speed down the Westernmost lane and missed me, thankfully because I had stopped, by a foot or so. As it sped through the light, it crashed into the nose of the cab going East with enough force to spin the cab northbound. The Beemer suffered a couple of nice scrapes on it's side and finally came to a stop at the SE corner of 73rd and Broadway. The cab limped over to the side on the NE corner of 72nd and Broadway and the cabbie got out. He was an old (maybe 70) man who was clearly dazed by the impact. I rushed over to help, along with about 5 or 6 other concerned West Siders. We had all seen the crash and it was so clearly the BMW's fault. The driver had not gotten out of the Beemer yet and there was some concern it was going to take off. One of the men helping went over to take down her license plate. He told me later that she looked like she was about to drive away until she saw two patrolmen round the corner. I immediately told the Police the true story of what happened and they took down my name and number as a witness. I'm not big on meddling in things, but the woman in the BMW so obviously did something dangerous that there has to be restitution. Especially to the man who drives a cab for a living. The impact of the BMW into the cab was so great that both of his airbags deployed. He looked very confused and was obviously hurt by the crash. He crawled into the back seat of his taxi, helped by a woman bystander who was a nurse, and they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

The policeman told me I wasn't needed anymore so, with the situation under control, I bought my well-earned Gray's Papaya dog. There's something about near death that makes a hot dog taste SO much better. :-)

The last good thing I want to report is that tonight's 1/2 NL game is on! We have enough players for a game and it's going down. Attendance was initially anemic but a last minute push for players produced two more. I'm really suprised that there wasn't more interest, given that The Slayer is going to be making an appearance. I mean, what? Are people out there allergic to free money?

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HighOnPoker said...

Slayer will be there? That settles it! After dinner, wifey Kim gets the ole GHB surprise!