Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Movie idea...

Feel free to develop this if you'd like.

A brilliant young Harvard Law student defies all odds to work his way up the dog-eat-dog chain of public prosecuters, establishing himself at the top of the heap when his efforts lead to the dissolution of the most powerful crime lords in the Tri-State area. Capitalizing on his reputation as a squeaky clean crimefighter, he gets to be the top law fighter in New York by becoming Attorney General. His equally brilliant wife stands by his side by putting her own career on hold to raise their children and be the perfect politician's wife.

After spending two successful terms as Attorney General, taking on Wall Street's sleaziest corporate elements along the way, he sets his sights higher. But things are taking a darker turn. His public perception is awesome, but darker forces are poised against him. His own ego is growing, and his ambition with it, but he is making powerful enemies and they're marshalling their forces.

He goes on to get elected Governor of the state, winning by an enormous margin with his sights firmly set on a future Presidential run. His life is idyllic, but there are cracks. The Senate majority leader is a thorn in his side, so he gets caught using State resources to discredit him. But the public forgives his zealousness.

The drama builds, until, out of nowhere, a secret Federal probe into possible financial malfeasence uncovers his long history of using $4,000 an hour prostitutes.

In the last two minutes of the film, he apologizes, resigns, divorces, gives up his dreams and spends the rest of his life consulting for various law firms, as off the books as possible.

On second thought...nah. Too far-fetched.

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Dawn Summers said...

I saw this already...I think it was a Law & Order episode.