Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am so NOT on a roll

I played in a 2-5NL home game tonight. It's on Broad Street, which is right around the corner and things started out fine. I worked up my $400 buyin into $560 and then got my 99 snapped off by 44 when he cold called a $40 flop bet to hit a gutshot straight on the turn. I paid off his river bet with a harmless looking board.

Other bad beats of the night for me:
My AK goes down in flames to a possible bluff when I C-bet and then fire 150 on the turn and he calls each time. He puts 150 on the river when the board flushes up and I have to fold because I don't have a thing.

I have 5c7c and I turn two pair. I fire 100 into the pot of $70 and he calls. The board pairs up a three on the river and I go all in and he calls with top pair and 8 kicker. (I kinda screwed up on this one but he still got lucky on me with his 5 outer).

My AA gets snapped off by 23o! I raised to $25 pf and he called. Flop is Q25. I fire $40, he calls. Turn is a Q. I move all in, he calls. River is a fucking 2!!!!

I lost big tonight and I'm super-pissed. Time to slow down and relax.


matthew said...

you an me both mate..I went thru 3 buyins at Genoa....Middle two to top 2...AA to 3 outer river straight when all in>>>grrrrrr poker sucks ass sometimes.

Check Raise Chin said...


LOL. That club is still around?

What a small world this is.