Thursday, August 7, 2008

*THE* bad beat

After placing 2nd in one of my tourneys on Monday, I thought my troubles of the past Sunday were behind me. I inched up in the WSP rankings and was feeling good overall. The next night was a 3-6 OE game which nearly got cancelled until Christine worked her phone magic and got some Crasians to come join us. God bless them Crasians!!!

The night started out with a round of Omaha and I knew my night was destined to be shit when I started out with this hand.

2c-3s-4c-6h in my hand. Flop is 2h-3c-6s. I've got top two. Yes, a straight is showing and yes, a low is already out. But I'm in late position and it checks to me. Um, wouldn't any straight already bet it out. I would hope. So I floated a bet to see what the deal was. David R, who just learned how to read a low board 10 minutes ago, raises! Jordan calls, but that means squat since his range his bigger than Wyoming. I call. The turn is the 3d. Woo-hoo! Second nut high! David leads and Jordan raises! Um, what?!? I put and David on the low, maybe Jordan on trip 3's to go with a low. I raise. David caps it and Jordan comes along. The river is a rag Queen. David leads out again. This time, Jordan calls and I elect to just call. Jordan shows A-2-3-7 for 3's full of 2's. I show the better 3's full of 6's and David R shows 66 for best high hand! David and Jordan split and I'm left wondering what the hell happened.

Play started heating up and I got my initial loss back with a scoop or two. And then the biggest bad beat of my life (poker, odds-wise) happened. All I can say is I'm happy I wasn't playing much larger stakes.

I have Ad-8c-2s-5s. I see a cheap flop and it's As-Ac-8d. I had to look a few times before I realized I had flopped the absolute nuts. If there wasn't a low draw on board, I might have slow played this, but I have to pump the pot to make the low draws pay (and I'll scoop half their mobneys!). Sure enough, a few people call my bet. The turn is the 3c. Ok, there's the low dammit! It gets to me and I bet it and a few people call. River is the 4c. The board is now As-Ad-8d-3c-4c. This time, David bets out at it. I figure he made the nut low with 25, or maybe a flush, or maybe both. It gets to me and I raise. David re-raises. I would too if I had the nut low in this situation. But just in case, I raise again. He re-raises me. I look at the board again and my absolute nuts has, technically, become the second nuts. But something told me I'd better just call here. So I do and David shows 2c-5c for the steel wheel!!! WTF??!! Matty Ebs goes into the tank and 10 seconds later comes up with "1979 to 1 shot". FUCK YOU MATH GODS!!!!

That became the slogan for the rest of the night. "I was having a great life until...1979 to 1".

I ended the night at 1AM +$12, which is better than I'd hoped for given my ridiculous beat. I'm just proud of myself for not tilting completely.

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Anonymous said...

2c-3s-4c-6h in my hand. Flop is 2h-3c-6s. Turn is 3d.

You were far from being the second nut high. 3-4, 4-4, 6-6 beats you here. Of course one's instinct is to assume that those are unlikely since you had 3-pair on the flop.

With a str8, flush draw, and a made low on the flop. I'm surprised (despite your position), you're firing at that pot. Perhaps rightfully - any Ace can put your low in play. Might be the right move, but highly questionable.

The turn is interesting, pairing the board. Why else did you play the hand? For the boat, obviously... but the action was heavy which would indicate that your supposed HIGH was suspect. Which makes the re-raise a bad move. If this game was 10-20 (or higher), would you really be doing that?

The river was worthless, as the hands (based on the action) were already made on the turn. "Just calling" was your best move throughout the entire hand. The stakes are low enough to showdown a weak boat.

I've been watching a lot of PL and Limit O/8 online, and I've heard some pretty sick lay-downs, as well as hands like this, where they make the crying call, knowing they're beat, but have to showdown a weak boat.

As for DR hitting the steel wheel... that's just funny. 2-5 cracks the nut! Hahaha.