Thursday, August 7, 2008

Two new poker trips planned

Nov. 7th - Fly into Jackson, Mississippi. There's a casino called Pearl River Resort within an hour of the airport. I'll stay there that night.

Nov. 8th - Drive to Shreveport, Louisiana where there is another casino. Then, turn the car south to Lake George.

Nov. 9th and 10th - Drive the southern coast of Louisiana through 3 casino spots to Baton Rouge and then on to Gulfport.

Nov. 11th and 12th - Gulfport and Biloxi, Mississippi - About 6 poker rooms

Nov. 13 - Drive to New Orleans and check out the two rooms in/near the city. Ali is, hopefully, going to join me that night and we'll spend the next 3 nights in the Big Easy and fly back together Sunday night.

If Ali can't make it, I'll simply extend my time in Gulfport by one day and Baton Rouge by one day. I've been to New Orleans twice already so spending more time there, alone, is not really necessary.

That's a good trip, and I'm looking forward to it, but the other one is even better for my soul.

Dec. 11th - Fly into Memphis EARLY in the morning. Spend the next 3 days in Memphis, playing poker in Tunica and checking out Graceland and Beale Street.
Dec. 13th - Drive down to Clarksdale, visit Morgan Freeman's Juke Joint and spend the night there in the heart of Delta Blues country.
Dec. 14th - Spend the morning in Clarksdale and buy an acoustic guitar and a slide. Spend at least an hour pretending I'm a real Delta bluesman....from Long Island. Spend the rest of the day leisurely driving down the Delta and stopping at famous Blues sites like Rosedale (Traveling Riverside Blues), Greenwood (Robert Johnson's gravesite), etc...
Dec. 15th - Drive towards Jackson-Evers airport, through Vicksburg, and take a late afternoon flight home.

I'm preparing for my Blues and Poker tour by reading some good guides and getting steeped in the music I love. On my playlist for the trip will be pure Delta Blues only from musicians who grew up and played in the area. On that list, Sonny Boy Williamson, BB King, Robert Johnson and Ike Turner. Yeah, that's right, Ike Turner.

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