Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cold Fish madness

I made a visit to the new Cold Fish club tonight. It was after my HORSE tourney, which was well structured (FINALLY!) and chopped 4 ways after 3.5 hours of fine play. I had been telling the Cold Fish club proprietor that I would be visiting soon, and since it was only 10:30p and I didn't have to go to work tomorrow....Well, you can do the math.

I arrived and two games were in full swing. A $1/$2 NLHE game and a $2/$5 NLHE game. The 2/5 game, especially underground, usually runs a little large for my game, so I sat at 1/2. All was going well, and I was grinding a small profit, when a known agitator (read: a guy who gives a LOT of action) sat to my left. As sure as the sun will rise, his constant blind stealing was taking my stack down and I was quickly down from my $250 buyin to $135, after chasing a flush and straight draw to no avail out of position. The same guy *did* double me up though with my JJ on a ten high board. But that got ground down again and I was down to $180 when Matty Ebs offered to stake me to the $2/$5 game.

I jumped at the chance and sat down with $300. I played super tight, though the table wasn't as aggressive as the one I'd just left! I was up around $75 at that table when the 1/2 table broke and we filled up. The agitator from the last table was now sitting on my right, a much better place. I was folding speculative hands to his raises without putting money in the middle and my bankroll was the better for it. Finally, I was in the BB and saw a 6 way flop with A7 offsuit. The flop was A77. I had to check my hole cards again just to make sure I had flopped the second nuts. I checked and it checked around to a loose player who bet out $20. It folded to me and I called, trying to make like I had an Ace with a middle kicker (which I did, hehe). Everyone folded and the turn was a 5, putting two diamonds on the board. I checked and he bet out $45. This time, I went to my cards again, as if to check for diamonds and called. The turn was an offsuit Queen. This time, fearful of losing a bet, I put out $55. He immediately went WAY over the top to $225, nearly putting me all in. I went all in for about $40 more, he called and I showed him my hand. He mucked and I had more than doubled up!

I played tight for the next few rounds, losing about $25 back, before racking up and leaving at 3:15a. I had made Matty and I $190 in profit for my 2/5 session. After this session and the Mohegan Sun tourney, I am officially Matty's favorite horse. I run so good when he's staking me!


edgie212 said...

Hey there...

I've been reading your blog for a little while, and I was wondering if I could learn a little more about some of the games you go to.

I'm a regular amateur poker player who is looking for someplace to play in NYC. I have a small home game but we only play .25/.50 NL, and occasionally do a tournament every once in a while. I go to AC and Foxwoods/Mohegan about once a month or so. If you ever were able to extend an invite to one of your games, that would be great.

Email me if you want to grill me for any info.

Jeff E.

Anonymous said...

The flop was A-7-7.

So, the executive summary is ... you flopped the nuts, and (your short stack) got paid. You've got some mad skillz, bro. Mad skillz... LOL

Any Ace, obviously any 7, even a river'd Q pays you off there.

Reload & repeat.