Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Liveblogging the Wall Street WSOP super sattelite

6:45p - Players start to arrive in earnest

7:00p - We're all here, except for Wendy who arrived early to work out for free in my building's facilities. A quick phone call is made.

7:05p - Wendy arrives, sweaty but eager. I collect buyins and an awful lot of people pay with Benjamin's.

7:10p - Cards are in the air.

7:20p - Jesse K. pulls out the first quote of the night

Me - Hey, there's a bottle of Vodka in my freezer. It's half full though, even though I haven't drunk a drop.
Wendy - Vodka evaporates.
Me (and two Russian guys) - No it doesn't!
Jesse - This has all the makings of a classic Wendy conversation.

7:30p - Blinds go up and Jesse puts up another quoteable

Viet (after raising Liezl) - Oh Issac, I didn't tell you the good news.
Issac - What's that?
Viet - Liezl is expecting.
Issac - That's great! Congratulations!
Jesse - You check-raised your pregnant wife?

7:40p - Paulie Ham Hands raises to 500 in the SB and gets two callers. Flop is Qc-5c-8h. Isaac leads out with 500, second player folds and Paulie calls. Turn is Ad. Paulie leads out with 1000, Isaac calls. River is 2c. It goes check-check and Paulie shows AcKd. Issac shows Qd6d (!), thus blowing his pre-flop image.

7:50p - Liezl is the first player to drop. On a flop of Ks-4s-6c, three players went all-in PF. Isaac had QQ, Eugene K had QJo, Liezl had Ks5s. Despite a red 3 on the turn, giving Liezl even more outs, the river bricked with a red 8 and Isaac tripled up.

8:40p (Sue me, I was looking up other stuff) - We get to 4 players when Isaac makes a hero call on a board of K-5-2 rainbow. Eugene L., had pushed $2700 into a pot of $1500 and Isaac called with AJ. Eugene showed A6 and bricked the turn and river to bust out.

8:50p - Isaac doubles up his already big stack when he calls Eugene K.'s all in with KQ vs. Eugene's QT on a flop of QT9. The turn is a Jack and Isaac is the big stack.

It's REALLY hard to blog and play host, so I lost track. Isaac won the seat and Liezl won the 7 handed tourney we played afterward. I bubbled. :-(

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