Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chicago trip is booked

This one came about sort of last minute, but it's a done deal. PP's friends are coming into town amd renting out my place, which frees me up to travel. Investigating my travel options, I realized that my Delta sky miles, which I'd never redeemed was at 24,224 miles. Less than 1000 miles from a free ticket. A quick trip to the Amex Membership Rewards site and I was over the 25,000 limit.

Brian, from the Poker Atlas, is working on free hotel rooms for me, which just leaves the car expense. So 7 days of Chicago-land poker all for the cost of a car rental, flight included. Pretty sweet.

My flight takes off the morning of April 5th and I return the evening of April 12th. Anyone wanna come?


Memphis MOJO said...

I know you're from New York, but Chicago is a pretty cool city. I don't know about the poker, but you should enjoy the other stuff.

[Of course I might be prejudiced because I was born there.]

Booby Stealz said...

it all about the deep dish pizza. maybe you can catch a baseball game at wrigley or something?

Jamie said...

I am totally gonna have some original deep dish. And a real Chicago Sausage, dragged through the garden. I like to eat like a local.

A game at Wrigley is a great idea too, but I'm gonna miss opening day by 24 hours. Boo!