Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tourney pain

I played in Bally's 40+10 tourney Sunday morning. Other than being a rape on the rake, I didn't realize the blinds escalated every 12 minutes. I had already paid though, so I went into turbo mode and started chipping up nicely. I was chip leader at the break with 27,000 in chips but it meant nothing as the blinds were escalating at a furious pace. In two rounds, I still had 20,000 in chips but blinds were now 2,000/4,000. I was in the BB with 8c9c and UTG went all-in for 6,900. The SB called and I called. Flop was 943. SB checks and I move all in. SB thinks about it and says, "time to go home". He calls and flips over Tc4c! There's no club on the board. UTG has 88. I'm a monster favorite here with only 7 outs to beat me between two players, but the turn is a 4 and I get knocked out.

WTF?!? T4?

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