Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wall Street WSOP winner

It was a long five hours but "Big" Paul Weiss outlasted a full table to take down the main prize. Personally, my money was on The Slayer, who after having announced that he hadn't played cards in months, went on a run worthy of his name. After doubling through the chip leader, cracking KK with his Q9o, he was up and down until he blasted Wendy out of the tourney with his 77 vs. her 66 and was the chip leader heads up. Two hands later, he and Big Paul were all in. Slayer showed 88 and Paul had Ah2h. The flop was garbage but the turn was an Ace and Paul doubled through. A few hands later, Slayer's slowplayed top pair, King kicker did him in when he let Paul draw to runner-runner flush for the win.

But if it hadn't been for the suckout against the pocker 8's, it would have been The Slayer out in Vegas representing Wall Street. The mind reels.

Congrats to big Paulie on a well deserved win! The sentiment, for now, is that he's going to play in the $1,500 HORSE event being held Sunday, June 14th (a 3 day event). More on this story as it develops...

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