Friday, July 31, 2009

Gnashing my teeth

I played in my own game last night. That's right. For the first time since I started it, I played in my own Thursday night "Wall Street" game over at the East Side location.

I did not do well.

Things have changed in the game since I handed it over a few scant weeks ago. It's not longer the "Wall Street game", but a "promotion". And it's not $5/hr for the whole night, just until 11PM? WTF? This is *not* what I agreed to. But, alas, like a baby who grows up and then graduates college and then lives with you awhile before *finally* finding the right person to settle down with and moving out...people change. Games change too.

Enough crying in my beer.

I was very loosey-goosey last night. More so than usual. And it cost me dearly. I chased gutshots because I had implied odds. I missed those. I lost to runner-runner flush (thanks Matty!) with a set and I didn't get paid off the two times I flopped the stone nuts. But my most unhappy hand was my last one (isn't it always?). I have As-Kc in the SB and it limps around to me. I have $56. I raise to $11 and get 4 callers for a juicy pot. Flop is 3s-4c-5s. Running flush draw, two probably good overs and a gutshot wheel. I'm all in for $45. It folds around to the end and he says, "I'll call". Now I figure he has an overpair (6's through J's), because what else could he call with (discounting a monster hand)? But instead he says, "I'm drawing". WTF? You call a 2-1 pot with at least a 3-1 draw or worse? How bad are you? The turn is the 8s and he flips over Ks-9s. Ouch, that's bad. I have a re-draw, but that only works for more talented players. The river is the Kh. Hey, I made my top pair! I leave steaming, but at least with the knowledge that if I ever play this fool again (and I will), he's awful.

Yeah, I said it.


Anonymous said...

the "wall street game" (now in quotes) will not be the same until it returns to it's proper home...

NewinNov said...