Thursday, July 30, 2009

Updated top 10

After WAY too long after the fact, I've updated my post on the top 10 poker rooms in the U.S., taking into account my California trip of last year and my Mid-West trip of this year. Some rooms got bumped off the list and some new ones made it on.

Tell me what you think!


genomeboy said...

nice list. But some outdated info in there, imo.

1) Bellagio now spreads $1/2 nl

2) Caesars deserves to be dropped from your list. The last time I was out, in April, both MGM, Bellagio and Venetian were hopping. Caesars was d-e-d dead. No cash games, late afternoon. I think the rake plus crummy customer service (see opposite of Scotttrade...) has killed that room. Heck Mirage had more action.

Jamie said...

By nature of my poker room quest, I don't get to re-visit the rooms I've been in very often, if at all. And poker rooms change over time, a lot. I'm surprised Caesars was dead, but I hadn't heard about rake issues so I guess it's not surprising.

Jamie said...

Incidentally, when did Bellagio start with 1-2 NL? I'll update the list with the info, but it won't increase my rating of the room. My primary negative there was the tight space. I assume it's still crowded in there.