Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going downtown

Brett Favre is signing with the Vikings. The Vikings! How many times did he face them on the other side of the field and now he's their QB1?!?! WTF? Try to imagine that Derek Jeter, at age 42 and way past his prime, signs a one year deal with the Bosox to be their DH. Holy crow!

Granted, Favre is making 10-12 million for a one year deal, but couldn't he get pretty close to that doing Viagra commercials? Dude, you're OLD. And you kinda suck. You got me all excited last year when you came to my beloved Jets and then you threaded the needle for a league leading 22 regular season Interceptions. I personally saw four of those, and I only went to two freaking games. You have the career Interception record and you don't scramble the way you used to. One good hit and you're done. Didn't you have surgery on a torn bicep muscle in the off-season. Wasn't that God's way of telling you, "Dude, I gave you a good run. Open a car dealership or something."

Hang it up kid.

Who wants to set the over/under on his interceptions this season? I'd say 20 but I don't know if he'll actually play all the games.

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Memphis MOJO said...

He's been over the hill for a long time now (although he had one good season during the past five or so years). Don't GMs and others who get paid big money look at the data? Don't they trust their own eyes? Doesn't make sense to me.