Monday, December 21, 2009

You fool, ya damned fool

Brittany Murphy, dead at 32. Drugs? Hmmmmm....Lemme think about that one for a minute. Ok, a second.

The only reason I post this is advertisement for the January 15th deadline for the Wall Street 2010 Dead Pool! Brittany Murphy would have scored 10 points for the base death, an additional 10 bonus points for being in the 25-39 age bracket, plus a possible John Belushi bonus of 5 points for dying of a self-inflicted drug overdose and a possible River Phoenix bonus for being the youngest person on anyone's list to die all year! How can resist this kind of action?! Oh, there are rumors her husband might have done the deed himself, triggering the 8 point Michael Jackson bonus!

Um...sign up soon with your list of picks for the new year (up to 25).

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