Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm bored. Time to start a meme.

This is my first attempt at starting a meme. If you're reading this, help me out. Post your own versions on your blogs with exhortations for others to do the same. It's easy.

I will call this meme:

Treating Myself Well

Rules: List the last 5 things (in reverse chronological order), that you've purchased for yourself that cost more than $250. Add the date purchased, the reason for buying and any other information you care to provide. Exclude rent, groceries or other regular expenses. Also exclude travel expenses and other non-tangible items. This list should be the last 5 expensive "things" you bought for yourself.

My list:
1. Dec. '07 - Marshall 1960A guitar amp cabinet - $475 from Pete via Craigslist
2. Dec. '07 - HP tx1320US laptop - $1050 from
3. Nov. '07 - Marshall JCM 900 guitar amplifier head - $500 from a guy out in Jersey whose name I can't remember via Craigslist
4. Nov. '07 - 4 Frames for lithographs - $733 from The Frame Place, Staten Island, NY
5. Aug. '07 - 4 lithographs by Michael Parkes - $2800 from CFM Gallery, SOHO, NY

1 comment:

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

you have a huge bankroll...I can't think of one thing...serious, you are a baller, kid.