Thursday, February 15, 2007

Big win at the Good Look club. The losing streak is officially dead. Long live the wins!

Big win last night at the Good Look club. I went for the 2000K freeroll and managed to talk John into coming with me. The event was memorable. As I sat down, with Paul at the same table as me, a guy in the 5th seat was trying to convince everybody to move all-in on the first hand blind pre-flop! There were some hold-outs, but in the end everyone agreed. I figured “what the hell?”. I hadn’t paid anything to be in this and if I lost I could just move to a cash table. So everyone pushed all in and the cards were all turned face up. I was leading pre-flop with pocket 7’s but the flop was J42 and the guy in the 5th seat, who had suggested all this madness, was in the lead with J2 for two pair! It stood up and he was instantly up to 10,000 in chips. I declined to rebuy, figuring that putting in money into a freeroll with a guy who outchipped me 10 to 1 in the first blind level was ludicrous.

Instead, I sat down with $200 in a cash game and doubled up in 10 minutes! I was on the button with KK when a new player, who had sat down 2 hands ago, made it 15 to go. Another player called and I popped it to $40. The new player stacked his chips up in a neat pile and moved it all to the center. He had about $200 total and I slightly outchipped him. I insta-called and flipped my KK. He frowned and flipped AK. The case King came on the turn and he was drawing dead. Sweet! He ran off to the ATM to reload and came back, this time sitting to my left (ha!). The table was relatively aggressive with one woman in particular making a nice stack for herself by re-raising pre-flop and taking down lots of $50 pots. Finally she tussled with a chunky Asian guy who had been doing a little bullying. They both raised pre-flop and he finally called her. The flop came A54. She bet and he raised to $75. She called. The turn was a 2. She checked and he bet $100 (‘a hundo’). She called. The river was a 9. She checked, he went all in and she called. I figured one of them for two pair and the other for a set but he flipped up AT for top pair with a ten kicker and she mucked! I was astounded that she put nearly $300 in the pot and couldn’t beat one pair! She seemed a little perturbed but played it off nicely. This figured into the next hand when I was in the small blind with K6o. Everyone limped around so I called the $1 extra to see a flop. The flop was K62, giving me top two pair. I bet out $16, hoping for a re-raise, and she took the bait, raising to $40. I called. The turn was a rag and I led out with $100. She had $110 behind her and she called. I put her all in for the additional $10 before the river came out. She called of course and was upset to see my flopped two pair. My thought is that she thought I had a weak King and she outkicked me. She thought I was a weak player because a few hands earlier we had 3 hands in a row where I had QQ, JJ and 22. I had reaised preflop with each one and made a continuation bet on each flop. She had re-raised me out of each one and I lost $100 in that cycle, but I impressed an image on her. That image led her to call down what was obviously a losing hand, in my opinion. So me and the chunky guy felted her in 2 hands to the tune of $500+. Valentine’s day, indeed!

I was up to $542 at this point and it was nearly 10 PM, so I decided to call it quits and go home. John, playing the 2-5 table and donking off money, convinced me to go to Salami with him just to have some food. But when we got there, he sat at the table and ran through some more money. Someone tell this guy to slow down! I had a great plate of pasta though. Ricardo is a genius!

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