Monday, February 12, 2007

The light is visible at the end of the tunnel! Give me an Amen!

I think things are starting to look up for me. At the cash game on Friday, I got felted in the first hand. Ok, this isn’t the best way to start a comeback, but at least I was able to recover. I had KK on the very first hand dealt in late position. Blinds were .50/1. Paul raised to 2, Wendy reraised to 5 and Matt bumped it to 20! With 28.50 already in the pot, I had to either take it down there or put it all in with the possibility of being up against Aces. To tell the truth, I wasn’t terribly worried about Matt. I decided to put my entire stack of $100 in. Paul folded, Wendy folded (JJ) and Matt tried to get a read on me. He went through the likely possibilities before settling on AK and called with 99! Being in the middle of my crappy streak, I had no doubt a 9 would flop, and it did. What else can I do? I went to the side to stew for a bit before buying back in. I ran my $100 up to 177.50 before the game broke up, so I got most of it back. This was the start of my comeback.

After the game, an impromptu trip to Salami netted another $106 for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes but I actually booked a win! The next night, I was invited to the famous ‘Crackhouse’ game run by the bloggers at They were a really good group of people who run a 2 table tournament out in Brooklyn. With 12 participants, I had to rebuy but eventually went on to chop 50/50 when it got to heads up! I netted another $133. It was the first time in a long while that I’ve seen back to back wins and I’m getting my confidence back. Does this mean a trip down to AC for President’s day weekend? It’s starting to look like it…

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