Wednesday, July 18, 2007

If rain is G-d peeing…

…then he must have taken a diuretic. Are you kidding me with this monsoon out there? I walked to work this morning with the biggest and sturdiest umbrella on the market and there was rain coming THROUGH THE TOP! One good thing I will say is that there’s no wind with this rain, but that doesn’t help my pants and ankles which are soaked through and through. As we speak, I’ve taken off my shoes and socks and left them near my cube to dry out. It’s oddly freeing to be able to wiggle your toes on the carpet. Too bad I can’t do it with my pants though… L

Last night’s poker game had me doing a self examination. I looked at my head and I noticed something. Long furry ears sprouting from the sides of my head. Very long, very furry. I touched them. Could it be? Yes! I had officially turned into a donkey!

The first tourney, I busted out 8th out of 11. I wasn’t too worried about that. I gave up most of my chips early on when I limped with pocket 10’s and pushed hard when QQ4 came on the flop. Wendy called a huge reraise from me and then pushed all in on the turn, so I had to give it up. She was the BB, mind you, and specifically said how much she didn’t like her cards when she declined the option, so I can only imagine she had a weak Queen.

The second tourney, however, was where I was going to redeem myself. It started out on a sick run. I busted a player early on when my AK won a race against 99. A good omen. Then I flopped top set against Wendy’s TPTK, and she gave me 2/3 of her chips. A few hands later, it folded all the way around to the small blind who completed. I was in the BB and raised to 350 with ATo. Brian, in the small blind, called and the flop was 442. He checked. I fired out 400. He called. The turn was a Ten. I had paired my card and I fired out 650. He called. I started to freak inside. The river was a miracle Ten. I had the second nuts now and it must have been well hidden since I had been laying shells on each street. I took the initiative to fire 1100 and Brian made a crying call, eventually showing a single deuce when he mucked. He won’t say what he had, but I think it was 22. What else would make him call every street like that? Someone mentioned A2, thinking he may have called the river because he though his Ace kicker was good. Possibly, but that doesn’t explain the turn call. Anywho…I had a huge stack now and I was the chip leader in good position. Then it happened. I turned into a complete moron. I was UTG with AhTh when I limped with blinds at 100/200. It folded around to Jordan on the button, who raised to 600. This seemed like a reasonable steal attempt, something I’ve seen Jordan do many times on the button. So when it folded around to me, I re-raised to 1800, trying to take advantage of my stack size and the image of my UTG limp. Jordan is too smart a player not to realize what a limp UTG followed by a reraise meant. Which is why I must have gone temporarily insane when Jordan pushed all in for 4900 more, and I called!! He flipped QQ and doubled through me even though I flopped the nut flush draw. Going from first to worst in one hand, I got 88 on the button three hands later. Linette, a new and aggressive player, moved all in UTG+1 and I figured it would be a race so I called. Then, Wendy, in the SB *ALSO* moved all in. Uh-oh. Wendy had QQ, Linette had JJ and my 88 was looking just as bad as it should. Nobody got any cards that helped and Wendy tripled up, simultaneously knocking me out. Linette outchipped us all and lived on.

For the record, Wendy ended up winning that tourney, with Linette placing third. Linette also won the first tourney, which is exactly how we reel ‘em in at the Wall Street Poker League. Good job dumping your chips to her, guys! Next time, how about some consideration for the host… :-)

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