Saturday, July 21, 2007

Return to the Good Look club

The Good Look club re-opened recently. Same spot, same employees, same players, different tables and chips. The vice squad (don't you have any crack dens to bust up?) confiscated all the old chips and tables. But the new tables are functional and the new chips are just as nice as the old ones. They're ceramic, allowing for full face printing, which I assume will cut down greatly on the counterfeiting.

I didn't start the night off wanting to go to Good Look, I just ended up there. There was no cash game last night after the tourneys because of lukewarm demand, so John H. asked if anyone wanted to take him to one of the clubs. I know he can't handle Salami, so Good Look seemed a good alternative (the only alternative!). So off we went into the night. When we got there, everything was just as I remembered it. Except now there's even more security. In addition to a guy posted at the door, there are two lookout men downstairs at the entrance. But I was nonplussed about the whole thing. In we went and into a seat I plopped. While the club had plenty of players, I was was put onto a short handed table of 7 players. That table broke up after 30 minutes when two guys busted and decided not to reload. So I went to another 7 handed table. That one dwindled down quickly until I was finally playing 4 handed! It busted up soon afterwards and I went home after 2 hours.

So how'd I do? Just fine. I cashed ouu up $63 dollars. Not a lot, but I only bought in for $160. I was up $150 at one point but I went on a slide until I was actually down $80! I tripled up towards the end of the night playing Js3s on the button. It was a four handed table at this point, so playing junk didn't seem too bad. When a woman, who was playing her boyfriends chips, raised to 10 with the option, everyone called. The flop came down K73, with one spade. I made my bottom pair and I had draws. The woman perked up on the flop and bet out $15. I was almost sure she had AK (she confirmed my read later on) and everyone called her. I figured if I could improve on the next card, I could take down a good chunk of her chips. The next card was 5s, giving me a flush draw. She bet out $15 again (bad move lady) and the big stack at the table called. I called too, hoping to make my flush. The river wasn't a spade, but it was a 3, giving me trip threes. The lady bet $15 again, the big stack called and I went all in for $36 more on top. The lady looked at me and started to get worried a bit. But I had shown a bluff attempt before and she remembered that. "I think you're blufifng," she said. "I call". Music to my ears. Then, the big stack moved all in for $700! The woman only had about $60 behind her, but his move made me twinge. He had been running hot all night. Had he flopped a set and boated up? The woman squirmed but finally folded. He said, "I've got an 8 kicker" and he turned up 83o. My Jack kicker played and I scooped a $225+ pot! W00t!

The table broke up shortly afterward and I went home. A nice and casual return to the underground scene. I'll be back, you pirates!!!

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