Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Doughy goodness

When I said Abbie was going to get back at me for my bluff, I didn’t think it would be the very next time I saw her! The good news is that she brought cookies. Cookies make everything better in poker. They soothe my soul and mend my mistakes. (That total bitch!). ;-)

So we had two tourneys last night. It was a last minute invite, on Monday no less, and attendance was anemic. In addition to one no-show, very few of the regular crew showed up. But it was a spirited game regardless. We had 6 for the first game and 8 for the second. And for the first time in recent memory, I didn’t have to give up my seat for another player! Of course, it might have been better if I did….

The night started with a bang for me. The very first hand of the tourney, I get AA. I’m in the BB no less and I’m delighted when it folds all the way to the small blind and he raises to 200. W00t! I call and the flop is a wonderfully disjointed K62 rainbow. He leads out for 250, which I call. The turn is another brick. He leads out again for 400. I come over the top for 1000 more. I figure this will shut it down, but he calls! Now I know I’m good. If he’d made two pair, this particular player would have moved all in. So when the river is another rag, and he checks to me, I shove all in. First hand baby! He hems and haws but finally makes the call for all his chips. He has KJ, for top pair. I show my bullets and double up. Not a bad way to start, right? In addition, we’re now down to 5, having started short handed with 6. This puts me in a good position to cash I would say. Abbie busts someone when the flop of 844 hits her A4 and his Q8. Jesse busts someone else and we’re now playing for bubble. It’s slow going for a while and finally the action cracks. Jesse tangles with Abbie for 80% of his chips and loses to her turned boat (He had trips with an Ace kicker). Now all I have to do is outlast the very very small stack. He pushes all in about 5 times over the next 20 hands and wins every one of them because Abbie and I can’t catch cards to fight with. In fact, Abbie’s exact quote was “It’s not my job”. Finally, Abbie and I limp into a pot and my A6 hits a flop of 662. Yay! I want a big pot here though, since I’d like a little more cushion. The flop goes check-check. The turn is a 3 and it goes check check again. The river is a 4. Abbie leads out for 300 into the 400 pot. I’ve shown weakness the whole way. My guess is that Abbie has a 4 and is stabbing. I come over the top for 1000 straight. She moves all in! (Here comes the big donkey call) Instead of laying down and maintaining a 2.5-1 chip lead over Jesse and a chance of cashing, I put Abbie on a bluff or a weaker 6 she was slowplaying. Never mind that there’s no reason for her to do that as the big stack. I call and she shows the inevitable K5 for the runner runner straight. Lordie Lordie Lordie. I wanted her to catch up, not overtake me! So I bubbled like an idiot. No money, no nothing. Jesse busted out soon afterwards and Abbie was grinning like a Cheshire cat (rightfully so).

W and Art showed up for the second tourney where I made an even bigger donkey play. I had 22 in EP and I was able to limp into a pot. The flop was K63. It checked all the way around to Abbie who bet a goodly amount (maybe 350) on the button. She only had 950 behind her. Once again, I misread her for stabbing at the pot in position. So I put her all in, with bottom pair!!! She could only call if she has top pair and a good kicker, right? And I know she doesn’t have that, right? Right? RIGHT?!?! She threw her hands up in frustration and called. She had KQ. Ohmigod. Where did my lengendary reading skills go? Like Keyser Soze, *Poof* and it’s gone. I still had half my stack when I got QJ. I made a small raise, and only Art called. The flop was Q67. I bet 2/5 of my remaining stack. The purpose here is to get Art to come over the top or fold, but he just called. The turn was an 8. I shoved and he insta-called. He had….wait for it….T9. Wow. He called a preflop bet with T9 suited. Ok, I understand that. But then he called again with a gutshot and an overcard on board. Meaning he had 4 fucking outs!

I went into life tilt after that until Abbie’s delicious crispy chocolate chip cookies soothed my soul. Cookies make everything good again. Now I’m off to find this mistress of poker and make nice.


Abbie said...

I just think cookies bring me luck.

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ckbluffer said...

I tagged you.