Friday, October 19, 2007

New club game?

Being sick sucks but I'm finally getting over it. I've also been brainstorming with a few people and I'm getting an idea in my head.

What would you guys think about me hosting a regular Friday Night 1/2 NL Hold'em game. Unlike other games, this would be equivalent to a game in a club (dedicated dealer, tipping strongly encouraged) but with one major difference. No Rake. I would send out an Evite that wasn't capped as to the number of entries and cards would be in the air at 7PM for whoever showed up. Table would seat 10 players maximum and people would rotate in as others dropped out.

With the state of underground poker these days, this might make a refreshing alternative to getting raped at The Virginia Room, no? But I need feedback if it's going to happen, so start commenting!


Walnuts said...

I like it!

HighOnPoker said...

I'm in. Start it up tonight!

Anonymous said...

i'm in i read your blog all the time you might know me by face from the extra big blind club or the good luck club email at