Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Borgata Winter Open - Big Cash

Not by me. :-(

But congrats to Freddy K (A.K.A. FEDOR KHRAPATIN) who cashed for $40,765 in the Borgata Winter Open event #3 last week. Freddy, who made his first appearance at the Wall Street Poker tables just a few weeks ago, was actually my nemesis in my first solo underground poker game in New York. It was at the now defunct Pearl Room, on Pearl Street near where it intersects at Wall Street. The close proximity to my apartment made it ideal for some late night jaunts. I was still green behind the ears at that time, and my nervousness showed. I strolled in, got ID'd and made my buyin at the only table going. Freddy was an intimidating presence at the table and definitely the table captain. I can't recall everything that happened that night except that Freddy called my all in with something like J9o and crushed my QQ.

I went back a few more times, and even cashed in a few sit'n'go tourneys they ran, but I never forgot Freddy's face. It's good to see him do well (from someone other than me!).


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