Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Links and a new gig

I added a link to The Poker Atlas ( at the bottom right of the blog screen. Check this site out! It's the most important site I visit when I plan my poker trips. They have a comprehensive (or nearly comprehensive) list of all the live poker rooms in the U.S. and I wouldn't be able to complete my poker quest without them.

Brian, from the site, has engaged me to write for them and I will be doing so for the first time February 6 and 7th when I play in the Mohegan Sun Winter Chill tournament. It's an exciting new side gig and I'm happy to expand my poker writing into legitimate areas other than this blog!

Also, I took off my link to the My Poker Rooms map. This was supposed to be a Google Map filled with data points on all the poker rooms I've been to. But sadly, I've recently discovered that Google puts an annoying limitation of 100 data points on custom maps and I've already been to 120 rooms! Sadly, I'll have to input all the room data into a database and make that database available online when I'm done with it. There should be some interesting data in it.

Also, in other news, there is a really really good shot that I will be unemployed sometime in the next 48 hours. God, I hope I'm wrong about that, but if I'm not, there are going to be some drastic changes in my life. First, I'll certainly have the time to get to all of these little projects I keep talking about, like inputting 120 rooms of data into a database or, maybe, cleaning my closet out. More to the point, I probably won't be able to continue with the Wall Street Poker league simply because it will be very very hard to justify the enormous expense of living in this apartment.

So brace yourselves folks, the end may soon, indeed, be nigh. More updates to come.


23skidoo said...


I'll cross my fingers for ya! Hope to see you next week.

Memphis MOJO said...

"there is a really really good shot that I will be unemployed sometime in the next 48 hours"

Ouch, I have my fingers crossed, too!