Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crushed the cash game

Tonight's .50/1 NLHE game was mine. I owned it. Make that pwned it. Of course, like any other good poker session, I was helped out by a couple of fortuitous hands. My AA, which I raised $4 pre-flop, only to get 5 callers, flopped AK7, rainbow. I led out for $10 and got a raise to $20. I smooth called, after all the other folks had dropped out. Turn was another King. I pondered how to get all of his money in the pot, but I needn't have worried. He had K7!!! I bet out, he bumped big, at which point I knew he had a good King and pushed all in. He called and saw the bad news though he was still drawing live at the end, but missed.

My other hand, I was feeling saucy in a multi-way pot with 3c4c. Stephen P. raised to $7 PF and got two callers ahead of him. I came along, hoping to flop big, of course. One other person called for a $35 pot PF and the flop was Ac-2c-2h. I had the flush draw and the wheel draw. Stephen P. bet $20. I was the only caller. Turn was a blank. He bet $30. At this point, the pot is $75, so $30 is light and I'm getting about 3-1 to make the call (not counting implied odds on the river) for 12 clean outs, which is just exactly the right pot odds for me to call. I do call and the river is the 6c. I know he has a good King and I try to make it look like I'm making a bad bet to buy the pot. I bet $35. He ponders, but pays me off and is understandably pissed that I called on the draw. He didn't realize I had the straight to go with the flush, though he said out loud when he was pondering the river call that that might have been what I had. Either way, sorry Steve, but you bet too lightly on the turn. If you bet pot there, I can't call unless I'm a serious gambler, and it's pretty obvious I'm not (normally).

So I had a very good session and it was my first live session for the new year. $100 buyin = $424 cashout for a nice start to the year!


Alceste said...

Wait, did Stephen have a "good king" or a good ace? Anyways, nice session -- would have much preferred to playing poker than flying in the snow Tuesday night.

Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like you're are hot. Sets the tone for 2009!

Jamie said...

Doh! He had a good Ace. I was thinking he must have had AK, which is probably why I muffed the blog entry. Thanks for the catch Alceste!

Steve P. said...

it was AQ...the slight possibility of you holding AK is prob the reason i didn't bet harder on the turn...dammit!! nh..and nice session!