Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pretty good for a day and a half

Came back yesterday for a quick hit and run of Atlantic City. End Result: +$565. I didn't have a single losing session and I played exactly as I should be playing, tight and aggressive.

Best played hand:

I have 5c-7c in the BB. MP raises to $11 and 4 people call so I make the call for a $2 discount. Flop is 7h-4c-2s. Top pair with running straight and flush draws. Ok, I'll take a stab. I bet out $22. I get two callers, including the original raiser (O.R.). Turn is a 3h, giving me an OESD along with my top pair. Assuming no one has a six, I have 13 outs to improve here (two 7's, three 5's, four 6's and four Aces). A perfect time to semi-bluff. I confidently carve out a silo of $100 (half my stack) and push it forward. The first caller folds. The O.R. tanks and starts cursing to himself before mucking QQ face up. Cherry!


Memphis MOJO said...

Actually, the way you bet the hand, his fold was probably correct most of the time!

BWoP said...

I thought this was going to be another story about how crubs always get there.

But hooray for CHERRY!