Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RAZZ cash!

I made a ghey cash in a 10+1 RAZZ tourney last night on FTP.

5th of 44 ain't shabby, even if it was the lowest money in the tourney. Just the fact that I cashed in RAZZ makes me very happy. I even got it all in with the best of it. After the bubble burst, I had (36)8 to start against (56)2. Fourth street was a 2 and fifth street was a seven, making me an 87 low. My opponent was showing xx24T when I went all in. And even though I managed to spike a 4, improving me to a 76 low, my opponent rivered an Ace, giving him a 65 low and taking me out. Too bad, too, because I would have doubled up and had a fighting chance to win it if that had worked out.

Ah well. Maybe I'll get some sleep now. It's 3:45AM!

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