Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm in a single table tourney, with rebuys allowed in the first hour. Early on, I raise to 3x the BB in late position with TdTh. I get one caller who had limped and then called my raise. Flop is J83 with two diamonds. He checks, I bet 750. He calls. Turn is 7d. He checks, I check. River is As. He bets out 2000 and I fold. I end up making those chips back and I'm about 20% profit on my starting stack when I lose my profit raising and then C-betting with AsQs, only to get raised all in on the flop (all unders and no spades) by a guy who had QQ. I fold my AQ, he shows and life goes on.

So basically, I can't quite get traction. I'm on the button with a little under my starting stack in the 4th level (aggressive blinds and antes have already started). Matty Ebs raises UTG to 700 (blinds at 100/200 and a 25 ante). One guy calls and I call with 9cTc in position. One other guy calls and the flop is a dreamy 7s-8c-Kc. Flush draw and OESD. It checks to Matty who bets 2000 (about half my stack). One caller folds and I debate shoving, but I figure he's not gonna fold anyway so I wanna peel off one more. I figure maybe I'll get a free river and if I miss both streets I can check it down and keep some chips. So I just call and now it's heads up. Turn is the 7c. Matty checks and I move all in. He quick calls with...87o. I have two outs for the straight flush, but please. That only happens on TV.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Ebbs raised to 700 from UTG with 87o? Huh?

This game is too tough for me.