Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stud/8 victory!

It was a long tourney for only 43 players (3.25 hours) but I took it down! A Stud/8 tourney on Full Tilt and the winner's spot is mine! I've been playing a lot of late night tourneys for cheap stakes online and doing really well, or close to well. Meaning that I've been going very deep or barely getting into the money. This time, I was in the top 10 for the entire tourney, though I barely made the money by laying down some very tough hands and staying aggressive when I had the best door cards. When the bubble burst, I only had 4 BB's, but I managed to win a few small pots and watched with glee as my opponents took each other out. After busting the fourth place player, the chip leader busted the other big chip stack and it was heads up.

At this point, I was a 3-1 underdog, but made a big straight to the 6 to scoop a pot and pull even. At this point, with only 300 chips separating our stack, I asked if he wanted to chop. He asked "How?" So I explained that he would fold to me and then I would send him the difference between the 2nd place money and the chop amount. He said "OK". So lo and behold, on the next hand, he kept re-raising me! I figured he was just trying to dump chips and he'd fold on 7th street. We capped every bet and when 7th street came, he called my bet! MOTHERFUCKER! Luckily, I had walked into a King High flush, which crushed his Aces up and I ended up with the 4-1 chip lead. I was indignant though that he'd try to backstab me. So I confronted him and he was all, "Oh, I'm sorry. I've never chopped before. Are we still chopping?". To which I replied, "No. Game on."

I busted him two hands later when my wired 9's put him all in to his wired Jacks but I made Queens up on 7th street to take it down. I feel a bit dirty, but justified!

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Memphis MOJO said...

We capped every bet and when 7th street came, he called my bet!

What an asshole. Glad you won.