Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Wall Street train rolls on

Ok, I can't quite take credit for this one, but the list of players who have played at the Wall Street table and are cashing in the WSOP is growing steadily. This time, Lana, our dear LJ, is LEADING THE FIELD at the $1500 HORSE event (Event #31)!!! As of 12:20AM EST 6/16/09, the bubble has burst and Lana has not only cashed but she's LEADING THE FREAKING FIELD!!!!!

This is the best shot we've had since, oh...a few days ago, to have one of our own capture a bracelet.

GO LJ!!!

UPDATE: After starting Day 3 as a shorty stack, Lana is now in 2nd place with 13 players left!!! My excitement level is at an extreme.

Update 2: Make that 10 players left. She just scooped a big pot so she might even be in the lead! Oh hell, just go to PokerNews.Com to get the updates.

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