Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One and done

I was a little wired after last night's very exciting, but unfortunate, Monday Night Football game. So I decided to fire up FTP for a quick $2.25 Turbo Pot Limit O/8 tourney. My first hand is K 5 4 2 in the cutoff. It limps to me and I call. Flop comes a *sick* 3 5 5. The BB pots for $150. I repot for $600. He calls. Turn is J and he checks. I move all in for my remaining $870 and he calls. He shows 5 K A Q. By my count, I have 6 hearts to make a flush for the scoop, 3 fours for the boat and a scoop, 3 deuces for a boat and a scoop, 2 Kings for a chop, 3 sixes for a straight and a scoop, 3 sevens for the low and half the pot, 3 eights for the low and half the pot or 3 Aces for the low and half the pot.

So by my reckoning, that's 26 cards that will give me some or all of the pot, 15 for the scoop, 2 for a chop and 9 for half the pot. And that's only with one more card to come!

The river: 9.

One and done. Thanks for playing!

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