Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why I don't play for real stakes online

A $1.20 PL O/8 tourney online. Single table. I'm barely 4th in chips with 2,435. 4 players left. Blinds at 150/300. I'm dealt 8 9 9 T in the SB. UTG folds, Button calls, I limp in the SB and the BB calls. 3 players to the flop and it's 7 7 T. I pot it for $900 and the BB folds. The Button, who's the big stack at the table due to his donkey-ish ways, calls my pot bet. Turn is J. I go all in for $1,235 and the button insta-calls. He shows:

5 2 T 5

WTF?!?! There's a paired board, no low draw at all, and he calls my all in with middle pair and a five kicker?!?! OMG.

River: 5

WOW. I'm out and shaking my head yet again.

Online sucks. Live Poker Rules! End. Of. Story.


Anonymous said...

lol. you are a fucking fish

Anonymous said...

you are -ev in any game you play--ring or tournament