Thursday, September 21, 2006

A year of poker, in cold hard numbers

As some of you know, I have a spreadsheet in which I meticulously keep records of every minute of poker I play. This spreadsheet keeps track of what time I start a particular session, what time I stop, the location I'm at, the buyin, the cashout, the type of poker (tournament, limit, nolimit) and the stakes. From this rich set of data, I had hoped to be able to accumulate some statistics that would enable me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. After a year of keeping these records, I have finally decided to mine that data for some answers.

It's no surprise, and I've blogged about this before, that my play against live players is much stronger than my play against online players. In fact, it's almost a mirror image. What follows are some of the more interesting stats covering the time period of Sept 2, 2005 through Sept. 19, 2006:

Hours Online (in Hours:Minutes) 269:55
Hours in Live Play (in Hours:Minutes) 316:31
PnL for Live Play + $2,378.25
PnL for Online Play - ($1,737.04)
Most Profitable Day April 24, 2006: + $1,007.50
Least Profitable Day September 17, 2005: - ($730.20)
Most Profitable Month April 2006: + $1,166.40
Least Profitable Month March 2006: - ($885.90)
PnL for Live Tournaments + $1,808.50
PnL for Live No Limit play + $937.75
PnL for Live Limit play - ($368.00)
PnL for Online Tournaments - ($600.75)
PnL for Online No Limit play - ($131.73)
PnL for Online Limit play - ($1,004.56)
Avg. per Hour for Live play + $7.51 / Hour
Avg. per Hour for Online play - ($6.44) / Hour
Most Profitable Location to Play Hollywood, FL Seminole Casino + $1,230.00
Least Profitable Location to Play Hofstra University - ($455.61)
Highest Cumulative PnL September 16, 2005: + $1,202.03
Lowest Cumulative PnL April 2, 2006: - ($1,208.36)

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